Everest 2013

Everest 2013

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Summit Number 2 Almost Here

Greetings from New Zealand.. .

I arrived in New Zealand today and will be here for a week before heading to Australia to hike up Mount Kosciuszko on December 30, 2008. It was quite a long trip to from Portland, so I tried to make the most of it by visiting NZ and will be hiking the Milford Track starting tomorrow. Queenstown is absolutely beautiful and am so grateful to be here.

As some of you may know Mount Kosciuszko @ 2228 m will be summit number 2 as part of the Climb Take Action campaign for women and children in the Congo and Uganda benefiting International Medical Corps. www.imcworldwide.org This is by far the easiest of the 7, but one of them none the less and I am very excited to say that one of my best friends, Trisha Haakonstad, will be joining me in Australia and do the hike with me for the campaign.

So more news to come once we make it to the top! A couple of updates though. . . for starters the situation in the Congo has worsened severely over the past few months and help is needed now more than ever. IMC is working hard to keep providing humanitarian assistance. In July a team of us will be heading to Mt. Kilimanjaro to climb for IMC. . .we can have up to a group of 50, but spaces are filling up. We will be asking that everyone that participates raise $3000 for IMC (tax deductible). The trip details can be found at http://go.gapadventures.com/GeorginasMtKilimanjaro . The trip will be guided by Gap Adventures and promises to be an amazing experience and allow us to help others along the way. I will be headed to Africa the week prior to the climb to visit and volunteer at IMC's camps and meet some of the individuals we are working hard to support.

Here are links to the latest news from the Congo :



Wishing you all a very merry holiday season! Thank you for your continued support and encouragement!

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Others Committed to Take Action

I would like to thank and highlight Bianca Roman, from San Diego, who trekked Machu Picchu, Peru on November 21st on behalf of International Medical Corps and the women of the Congo and Uganda. Bianca successfully raised $500 is less than one month! After reading about the campaign and crisis in an article she contacted me to see how she could become involved and make an impact.

As Bianca says, "This is my opportunity to help women and children in the Congo and Uganda and also fortify my mind, body, and spirit." I hope Bianca's story will inspire and encourage others to get involved in Climb Take Action, as she chose to feature her upcoming challenge and help others along the way.

At the root core, the ability to empower yourself by empowering others is a fantastic thing and I encourage anyone reading this blog to learn more about the crisis in the Congo and Uganda on our website and dedicate your next challenge to the cause, whether that be a long trek, a marathon run, a climb, a cycling race, whatever the challenge may be. Help us raise awareness and gain support for a group of women and children whose suffering has been kept silent for far too long.

I am extremely grateful to Bianca for stepping up and taking action and joining us in our efforts to make an impact! We all have the power to make a difference in the lives of others no matter how big or small.

Representing more than 80% the world’s refugees, women and children suffer most in emergencies, yet they hold the key to a healthy, peaceful future because of their resilience and determination. Both Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, neighboring countries in central Africa, have suffered more than two decades of civil wars that have left millions dead and even greater numbers homeless. None have suffered more than the women and children.

Tens of thousands of women have been neglected, murdered, abducted, brutally raped, tortured, and overall forgotten. Congo Wars have claimed more lives than any conflict since the end of World War II, yet the crisis has received little attention outside of central Africa. Help us in our efforts to raise support and awareness that will that will bring the physical, emotional, and financial resources necessary to help women in Congo and Uganda empower themselves.

All proceeds will directly support U.S. based humanitarian aid organization, International Medical Corps' (IMC), improve the health and well-being of thousands of women and children affected by war and chronic poverty in Congo and Uganda. All donations are tax deductible. Sponsored programs currently include, but are not limited to: gender-based violence prevention, nutritional and mental health care programs.

From Relief to Self-Reliance, International Medical Corps is empowering women to rebuild their lives and create a brighter future for their children.
Some of the world’s worst acts against humanity have taken place here, especially against women and children. Peace, change, and stability can only come to these regions with a vested interest from the global community.

To learn more or Donate, visit http://www.climbtakeaction.com

Warmest Regards,