Everest 2013

Everest 2013

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Come with us to Everest Base Camp This April for Women in Congo!

Email us at: gmiranda@climbtakeaction.com for more information! 
With recent attacks more aid is needed!
It is an experience of a lifetime!

We made it to the Huffington Post! What Will You Climb For?

Here is a link to the article! Check it out!   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sonia-lowman/what-will-you-climb-for_b_2134422.html

Sonia Lowman


What Will You Climb For?

Posted: 11/15/2012 10:52 am

Most of us remember the moment we realized that we care about something bigger than ourselves. Georgina Miranda's came late one night in late 2007 as she flipped through Glamour Magazine looking for haircut ideas and instead found a different kind of inspiration: an article by Eve Ensler about rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It was the type of article that "woke you up and wouldn't let you go to sleep," so Miranda stayed up all night researching.
In DRC, an average of 1,150 women are raped every day. When confronted with statistics like that, it's easy to do nothing. But Georgina did something. She climbed five of the world's seven summits, each time vigorously fundraising and spreading the word about gender-based violence in DRC.
Georgina started by contacting local NGOs back in 2007 and deciding to partner with International Medical Corps, a Los Angeles-based international humanitarian relief organization, because it "had the longest track record working in DRC." Then she launched Climb Take Action, a campaign dedicated to "empowering women in war-torn [DRC] to raise awareness about the sexual violence that has plagued women and funds to support their healing." One hundred percent of the funds that Georgina and her fellow climbers raise go to International Medical Corps and V-Day, a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls.
Georgina Miranda in Uganda.

Next March, Georgina will climb Mt. Everest again because she didn't summit last time. Georgina tells me this causally, but I read her account of that Everest climb -- and there's nothing causal about it. Near the top, Georgina had to turn back when her body started breaking down from lack of oxygen. Her last-minute decision saved her life but left her with the searing disappointment of not "making it" after spending three years preparing for one moment.
Yet she's trying again.
A management consultant in San Francisco, Georgina describes herself as "not particularly athletic." But climbing gives her a forum to start the discussion no one really wants to have. While DRC presents an extreme case, one in three women worldwide will be raped and/or beaten in her lifetime. This grim reality resonates deeply -- "as a woman, it's something we can all relate to" -- but it shouldn't have to. When Georgina adds, "Violence against women should not be acceptable -- it's not OK," I can't help thinking how crazy it is that we're still making this simple plea for basic humanity.
What will it take to reach the "summit" where being female no longer poses an inherent risk?
The road may be long and along the way, Georgina points out, "You're always going to have cynics in the crowd asking 'What impact does this really make?'" Her answer: it only takes one. Making an impact in one life is enough. As Georgina puts it, "It's better than not doing anything for anyone."
So Georgina -- an inspiration herself -- finds inspiration in organizations like International Medical Corps. In addition to training health workers on rape treatment and supporting evidence-gathering for the prosecution of rape, International Medical Corps runs sensitization campaigns and helps establish female community leaders in DRC. While the impact of this cannot always be seen immediately, Georgina has faith that "the sum of all of our efforts will ultimately drive the change we need."
Still, change won't come without awareness. For that, we need messengers like Georgina, who help give voice to the often invisible victims of a hemorrhaging wound: rampant rape with virtual impunity. But while calling this tragedy what it is, Georgina also wants to remind people that Congolese women are "so incredibly strong and resilient -- so inspiring in their own way."
To illustrate her point, Georgina recounts her 2009 visit to a refugee camp in Uganda, where she met with Congolese survivors of sexual violence. On her last day there, the Congolese women danced for Georgina to thank her because, ultimately, "No matter how awful life gets, they dance." After all, it's not just about surviving death; it's about affirming life.
And if we keep dancing -- and climbing -- change will come.
This #GivingTuesday, ask yourself: what are you willing to climb for? Then do something. Georgina did.
This blog is part of our #GivingTuesday series, produced by The Huffington Post and the teams atInterAction92nd Street YUnited Nations Foundation, and others. Following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday -- which takes place for the first time on Tuesday, November 27 -- is a movement intended to open the holiday season on a philanthropic note. Go towww.givingtuesday.org to learn more and get involved.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Little Fear Keeps Us ALIVE! Alps Recount!

Everest is coming up in April and so it was time to get some real training in---aka get my butt up to the mountains and get some climbing done! So off to the Alps I went...this was my training and vacation for the year.

Fear of God moments, as I call them...I have grown to love. They are my “WAKE UP, Life is Short, Live with Passion, Do What You Love, Push the Limits- Cuz We Only Live Once!” Last month I was fortunate enough to visit a place long on my bucket list- The Alps! I had always dreamed of visiting what I consider the climbing mecca! It was simply awesome going to Zermatt, Chamonix, Jungfrau region! So much beauty all around and a reminder of what an amazing playground us lucky little humans have to enjoy!  The goal of the trip was to climb 3 mountains- The Eiger, The Matterhorn, and Mont Blanc. Well poor weather and conditions threw a kink in our plans, but not to worry we attempted 6 climbs instead across the Swiss, Italian, and French Alps :) A simply wonderful unexpected surprise!

I absolutely love trips where I get to go somewhere I have never been! This trip everywhere we went I had never been :) We had an Everest crew reunion and Pam, Kathy, and Kevin were part of the fun and adventure! Part of our trip was guided by Martin Moran’s company and part unguided (Mont Blanc), which was awesome to put our skills to the test!

I can honestly say I was more afraid on this trip than I was on Everest! There were plenty of “Fear of God” moments where we came face to face with knife edge ridges fully exposed and gusting winds where we could barely keep walking. Not to mention I took a VERY scary fall coming down Mont Blanc that could have ended badly-So I am happy to be in one piece with a smile on my face. I know, I know, not everyone’s ideal vacation, but I enjoyed EVERY second of it, even the scary times :) There is an inexplicable joy of being able to push your mind and body to places it thought it could never go or think it shouldn’t go...aka...a knife edge ridges where one false move could well turn out not so great. It is an amazing feeling to overcome your fears and look back and be stronger and better for it!

So a little about fear because I think it can apply to everyone reading this...you don’t have to be on some big mountain and come face to face with mother nature to be afraid. Life can every day present to us scary and challenging situations that may bring up feelings of fear or resistance to take the leap forward and just go for it! All I can say is that a little risk can bring great rewards- whether professional, personal, emotional...you get it. Low hanging fruit...can only be so exciting and fulfilling. Most of the time we learn and benefit most from those experiences that pushed our limits, made us dig deep and be tough and jump in without knowing everything would be “ok”. Now maybe this is just the adrenaline junkie in me speaking...but I have found that in my decisions at work, in love, and in my adventurous pursuits! Fear can paralyze us from reaching our max potential-whatever that may be...again this not just related to climbing mountains :) I have to thank mountaineering and these “Fear of God” moments so to speak to continuously make me a little bolder, take more calculated risks, and just go after what I am passionate about. There may be failures for sure, but if you never try, you never know. A strong point to live by for me.

So what we climbed! We started off in Switzerland in the little town of Evolene and practiced some basic rock climbing skills with our guide Andy. It was breathtaking! I LOVE Switzerland :) The little flower boxes in all of the chalets were charming, the cheese was AMAZING, the chocolate, the gorgeous mountains all around...ahhh... a little slice of heaven on earth! 

From there we headed off to the Jungfrau region to go for our attempt of Eiger. Well weather put a damper on that one and instead we climbed the peak next to it The Monch (4107m), which introduced me to my first of many knife edge ridges and exposed ascents! I had a few “Oh S$%*, don’t look down moments” indeed! All part of the thrill and challenge though. It was also great snow, ice, and rock experience. It was an awesome climb and the views from the top were well, FANTASTIC and well worth it! We also attempted Jungfrau (4158m), yet weather turned on us so we turned around about half way up. The hut system in Switzerland is extremely organized and runs like clockwork! Very impressive.

From here we returned to Evolene and got ready for our go at the Matterhorn. Well unlucky for us-it was still covered in snow! :( boo. So after arriving in Zermatt, we decided to venture to the Italian Alps from there and try and tackle Polluce (4094 m), Castore (4226 m), and Breithorn (4165 m)! Mission Accomplished! We got to stay in what is now my favorite ski hut of all times- this little Italian ski hut which had such yummy food and cheap wine- I was a happy girl....great food and wine and mountains= happy Georgina :) It was here that we learned of the tragic accident on Mont Blanc, which is where we were headed to next. We were able to climb Castore and Polluce on one day with a 4 amish departure. We had wonderful weather, not too crowded, and a couple more knife edge ridges to scare the crap out of me...Ha...all good fun though. The views were incredible...we saw the sun rise, always breathtaking, and I got to down climb and rappel down some sections, well let's say less gracefully than I would have liked..lol. It was great to put our rock skills and ability to deal with exposure to the test! After a FULL ON day, our reward was yummy wine and snacks at the hut w/ great company! Always love all the folks you meet on these trips...interesting to the max!

On our last day there, we had our go on Breithorn...that was supposed to be kinda of a stroll, except we got blasted with what felt like 100mph winds on a knife edge summit ridge nonetheless and could barely stand upright as we pushed for the summit! My little ice ax was flailing in the wind....it was freakin SCARY. Once we were out of the “danger zone” and out of the wind and had summitted, I paused and starting gagging-Yes I almost vomited from fear! A first for me and ya not very ladylike, but it happened. Luckily I didn’t throw up, just felt like I had to and gave thanks for being ALIVE. I am sure it sounds a little overly dramatic, but you had to be there! Pam would agree :) We all had a good laugh once we were down and safe and sound! 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Everest 2013 for Congo Launch Event! San Francisco

Georgina Miranda, Tracey Broadman, Silvia Vasquez-Lavado Everest 2013 Climbers
Thank you to everyone that joined us for our launch event on May 30th! Your support means so much to us! 

What a wonderful way to kick off our Everest 2013 for Congo campaign in San Francisco! Thank you to Mejita and Campari, for helping sponsor our event! What a great venue and yummy margaritas! Also special thanks to Elayne Doughty for sharing her experience working with VDAY in DRC- your words moved us all and your work is inspiring.

The aim of the event was to formally launch our Everest 2013 for Congo campaign, let folks know why we are climbing for women of Congo, and start building our community of supporters. It was a huge success and we are so grateful and excited to move forward on this incredible journey for an incredible cause!

So for those of you who were not able to be there here is a summary :)

In March 2013, Georgina Miranda will make her second attempt at scaling the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest, with one goal in mind of reaching the top of the world to bring support and awareness for the women of DRC.

By supporting this campaign your tax-deductible donation will go directly to V-DAY and International Medical Corps. All funds collected will be equally split by these two organizations, which are both 501(C) (3) registered. International Medical Corps' tax identification number: 95-3949646 and V-Day's tax identification number: 94-3389430. MAKE A DONATION

CLIMB TAKE ACTION’s MISSION (started in 2008): To raise $2.2 million in support for International Medical Corps and VDAY and to spread awareness about the worst sexual violence in the world in order to promote sustainable change for the women of Congo.

Why We Support Women of Congo!

Would you like to get involved with our efforts? We would love additional Support!

Thank you for learning more about why we climb! We hope you will join our efforts and support the amazing work that International Medical Corps and VDAY are doing for women in Congo!

Since founding Climb Take Action in 2008, I am constantly inspired by the strength and courage of the women of Congo and those that are working diligently to make their lives a little better. The case of sexual violence in DRC is the worst in the world. No woman should experience such violence.

Reach out to us if you would like to get involved ! We also have a few spots open for people that would like to join us for part of the Everest journey and trek to Everest Base Camp @ 17,500 ft and raise funds and awareness for the cause!


Much Love and Thanks,


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


International Medical Corps Womens' Luncheon
Community is such a powerful thing. I know for me personally, my little community has been vital each time I have moved to a new city, or when I am out climbing, or with this campaign. Great things can be accomplished or overcome with a strong community indeed.

The two charities we support through Climb Take Action, International Medical Corps and VDAY, have both built some very strong communities of aid and support in DRC with locals and the people they serve, and through partnerships with other NGOs. Earlier this month I was able to attend International Medical Corps Womens’ Luncheon and learn first hand the vital role they play in communities all around the world in areas that need aid, attention, and support the most, but are areas often neglected because the operational environment is so risky. Perhaps one of the stories that struck me the most at the luncheon was the story of the Operations Director visiting one of their programs and asking the local doctor on staff what the long line of patients were waiting to be treated for that day....the doctor’s response was ‘broken hearts.’ It broke my heart to hear the story, as not only had many of these patients, experienced disaster, disease, financial loss, and loss of loved ones, but their hearts were also broken and needed treatment and healing. The work of International Medical Corps goes beyond medical relief, it also addresses psychosocial services needed to help treat the emotional component of their patients. As part of its holistic approach to health, International Medical Corps incorporates mental health and well-being into its programs to address the psychosocial needs of disaster survivors. Their work and staff is incredible and has such a vital impact in the communities they serve!!

With Climb Take Action we hope you will join our Community and together support International Medical Corps and VDAY and their wonderful work for women in Democratic Republic of Congo. Women like you, me, our sisters, our mothers, and our friends. Together we can make a difference. We can also take a stand and raise awareness about the worse case of sexual violence in the world. It is not acceptable that 48 Women are raped per hour in Congo. That is why we Climb. 

Special thanks to everyone that has contributed, climbed, and hiked with us to make a difference!! You ROCK!

Thank you for being a part of our community. If you haven’t joined us yet, please join! We also have our Launch Event for Everest 2013 in San Fran May 30th! 

FB http://www.facebook.com/ClimbTakeAction 

Visit our website! www.climbtakeaction.com

Follow Us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/#!/ClimbTakeAction

Much love,


A little photo tribute to those that have gone the extra mile for Climb Take Action! Thank you!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Passion-What Would Life Be Without it?

 Time has flown by and I can’t believe that it was a year ago that I was about to go for my summit push on Everest. The trip was special and changed my life for many reasons but looking back I realize that it was so unique because it was so full of PASSION! For two months all I got to do was focus and enjoy something I was so extremely PASSIONATE about and had worked so hard to be able to do! It was three years in the making. Although some days I was freezing, gasping for air, or more exhausted than I had ever been in my life-MAN I LOVED EVERY MINTUE OF IT! I was in an environment unlike any other, surrounded by some extraordinary people, pushing my mind and body in ways I had never done before, I was LIVING IT UP, in every sense of the phrase.  A lot of people have called me crazy for going to Everest in the first place and even crazier for planning to go back next year. All I can say to that is that just the thought of being there again, seeing those mountains, pushing my body to its limit, experiencing nature at its most exquisite and its fiercest-It is a MAGICAL thing! I CANNOT WAIT!

It was so hard for me to come back last year, not only because of the failed summit attempt due to hypoxia, but because it was hard to fit back into the norm once home. All I wanted to do was find ways to replicate that thrill, that PASSION, in everything I did. Easier said than done! Since then it has changed my mindset about trying to now craft a lifestyle built around working and doing things I am passionate about. I have found it difficult to get involved or do things I do not care about. Hence I am trying to start my own business, continue to fundraise for women in the Congo, do things that bring a smile to my face, surround myself with love, and start taking necessary steps to try to bring as much PASSION into my daily life as possible. It is a beautiful thing and feeling to have PASSION whether from what you are doing, from another person, or for going out to seize the day.

Climbing has changed my life and open my eyes to a world I never knew existed, it has pushed me past personal boundaries, made me expect more of myself, made me more grateful for life, more appreciative of the beauty and miracle that is our universe, introduced me to some of the most amazing and inspiring people and dearest friends, allowed me to speak and raise awareness for a topic I am extremely PASSIONATE about- Empowering Women. I LOVE IT! I love being outside and enjoying our world…it is a privilege.

The thrill and rush of adventure as many adventurers know can become addictive, and so I try to fit in as much as I can within my means for sure. Whether it’s a simple hike, bike ride, ski trip, etc there is so much fun it can bring and fulfillment. 

Lately I have been reflecting so much on PASSION and what it means in my life. Right now it is setting which direction I am going to go. Whether at work, in love, in friendships, in my day to day, if there is no PASSION involved then it’s probably a good sign it’s not for me. Pursuing this lifestyle then comes with lots of compromise and also sacrifice I have learned, as it is not an easy path, but I think it will be totally worth it in the end.

I will forever be grateful to Eve Ensler’s article in Glamour I read back in 2007 that moved me so much to launch me on this journey to help Women of Congo. It was that article that made me pull the trigger on climbing seriously by creating Climb Take Action dedicated to raising awareness and support for victims of sexual violence in Congo-the worst in the world. I strongly believe that life does not happen by chance. For every experience, encounter, meeting, there is a reason.  I also believe good things don’t tend to come easy.

The next 11 months are going to be full of training, planning, and fundraising for Women of Congo (International Medical Corps and VDAY)! I am so incredibly excited and even more so as I will have two extraordinary ladies, Silvia and Tracey, joining me on the climb up the Big E! Counting down to that flight to Lukla!! The juggling act continues :)

Here is to living with PASSION! It is magical and can move mountains!

To support our efforts for Women in Congo please visit: http://climbtakeaction.com/page/donate-now (ALL Proceeds benefit International Medical Corps and VDAY and are Tax-Deductible)


Thursday, March 1, 2012

My speech to 500 young women at Immaculate Heart High School was a success! They inspire me to keep CLIMBING! :)

With the President from IH

I had the pleasure of being invited to be the key note speaker at my high school alma mater, Immaculate Heart High School in Hollywood, CA to share some insights on life, career, and vision and of course share more on Everest and my efforts for women in Congo. As I kicked of my “You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be” talk, I looked around the room and I thought what a fortunate group of ladies we are! After traveling to so many parts of the world and also keeping the women of DRC in mind, education is a true gift and blessing that so many young women around the globe do not have the luxury of receiving.  I was instantly energized by the potential in the room…these 500 freshman-senior ladies were our future.  As a result of that light bulb moment so to speak, I kicked off with telling them that the great news about where they are today is that they have the freedom to decide, to dream, to do, to be whatever they wanted to be and that it was a beautiful thing. 

It was a special moment for me to be able to talk about my life, my choices, my mistakes, my successes, and my own dreams, all in hopes of inspiring these young women to dream big and go after it! It was great to hear from those that thought they knew exactly what they wanted to do with their lives upon graduation and also hear from those that were still figuring it out. I enjoyed sharing my vision statement for my life at 18 while I was there at Immaculate Heart and my vision statement for myself now at 31 and a professional  Life has taken some interesting turns. The passion for helping others has not changed. The most rewarding part of being able to talk to these girls was at the end, when a few of them came up one by one and shared their stories and dreams with me and thanked them for giving them some good ideas and pointers. It was also interesting to see their reaction when learning more about the issues young women just like them are facing in DRC (rape, unwanted pregnancies, HIV, malnutrition, war). I encouraged them that throughout their life to always remember their fellow women and to help each other along the way. I know that the feeling to want to empower less fortunate women has been in me since my high school days and is still going strong. 

I am a firm believer that women hold the key to successful communities. So many studies have been conducted to reiterate the fact that communities thrive when women and girls can participate in the workforce, are educated, and empowered.

Thank you Immaculate Heart for letting me share my story and thank you to all the young women there for inspiring me to continue my mission of empowering women of DRC through my Climb Take Action campaign. Thank you to the women of Congo, whose strength and courage has been my endless source of inspiration since the campaign began in 2007.

I leave you with a great article from Forbes:  Does Empowering Women Improve the Economy? 

To get involved with our efforts for women in Congo, please visit: www.climbtakeaction.com

Much Love,


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thank you Dokument Films and Ning!

Thank you to Dokument Films for creating this piece for Climb Take Action and our efforts

for women in Congo! Thanks to Ning our web sponsor!

Everest 2013...we are getting ready for you!

NING presents Climb Take Action from Dokument Films on Vimeo.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Updates! What is to come for 2012!

Dear Friends,

Well 2012 is in full force! How is it February?!?

So sorry it has been so long! Life has thrown around a few hard knocks for me since my return from Everest and life is finally getting itself to a more normal pace :) I have lived in three cities in the past 6 months and will for now be calling Los Angeles home again.

I have decided to return to Everest in 2013 for the cause along with a few other climbers. More details to come shortly, but we are very excited to launch our campaign again and climb for the women of DRC!!

International Medical Corps and VDAY continue to do great work in Democratic Republic of Congo. Below is a great story that provides an example of the change and support that can come when organizations such as these have support! I hope you will all continue to support our efforts.

On January 28, V-Day and the Fondation Panzi (DRC) celebrated the first graduating class of City of Joy in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). City of Joy, a revolutionary community for women survivors of gender violence, opened its doors to the pilot class of 41 women this summer. V-Day Founder/Artistic Director Eve Ensler, Executive Director Susan Swan, Communications & Campaigns Manager Kate Fisher, photographer and long time V-Activist Paula Allen, and a delegation of incredible visionaries including V-Board members Pat Mitchell, Emily Scott Pottruck, and Amy Rao, and supporters Lauren Davis, Frannie Kieschnick, Belinda Munoz, Andrew Dew Steele, Erin Strain, and Marsha Williams all were welcomed at City of Joy to witness and celebrate the graduation ceremony of this first incredible class. Eve has written a note to all of you about the miracles that were witnessed at the graduation, please read: http://drc.vday.org/city-of-joy-celebrates-first-graduating-class

If you would like to get involved with our efforts, please contact me.

More to come and thank you for your ongoing support!