Everest 2013

Everest 2013

Monday, May 16, 2011

Summit Day

Ghostwriter #1 is back with an update via SMS from high in the Himalayas. ‎... update from Georgina! "Made it to just about the balcony of Everest (8400m) then collapsed and fainted and had to turn around :( it was the hardest decision I have had to make and disheartening, but happy to be safe. I was about 6-7 hrs from the summit..." G's update cont'd: "Thank you for all of your incredible support. This has been a remarkable challenge and incredible journey for a good cause. Everest we will meet again sometime soon for a second go :) More to come soon on the blog. At BC for some recovery and dr time before the trek out - hugs for now!! G"

We are all so proud of you Georgina and we are glad you are safe and sound! You are an inspiration!

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David Thompson said...

Georgina, I was always told that there are 3 rules golden of mountaineering in priority order:
1. Come back alive.
2. Come back friends.
3. Climb the mountain.

The bodies of climbers who break these rules litter the moutains of the world. You should be very proud of your determination, commitment and resolve in attempting to climb Everest - but your ability to make a dispassionate, measured judgement to turn around almost certainly saved your life - well done. I look forward to meeting you soon. David (new joiner to MR).