Everest 2013

Everest 2013

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


International Medical Corps Womens' Luncheon
Community is such a powerful thing. I know for me personally, my little community has been vital each time I have moved to a new city, or when I am out climbing, or with this campaign. Great things can be accomplished or overcome with a strong community indeed.

The two charities we support through Climb Take Action, International Medical Corps and VDAY, have both built some very strong communities of aid and support in DRC with locals and the people they serve, and through partnerships with other NGOs. Earlier this month I was able to attend International Medical Corps Womens’ Luncheon and learn first hand the vital role they play in communities all around the world in areas that need aid, attention, and support the most, but are areas often neglected because the operational environment is so risky. Perhaps one of the stories that struck me the most at the luncheon was the story of the Operations Director visiting one of their programs and asking the local doctor on staff what the long line of patients were waiting to be treated for that day....the doctor’s response was ‘broken hearts.’ It broke my heart to hear the story, as not only had many of these patients, experienced disaster, disease, financial loss, and loss of loved ones, but their hearts were also broken and needed treatment and healing. The work of International Medical Corps goes beyond medical relief, it also addresses psychosocial services needed to help treat the emotional component of their patients. As part of its holistic approach to health, International Medical Corps incorporates mental health and well-being into its programs to address the psychosocial needs of disaster survivors. Their work and staff is incredible and has such a vital impact in the communities they serve!!

With Climb Take Action we hope you will join our Community and together support International Medical Corps and VDAY and their wonderful work for women in Democratic Republic of Congo. Women like you, me, our sisters, our mothers, and our friends. Together we can make a difference. We can also take a stand and raise awareness about the worse case of sexual violence in the world. It is not acceptable that 48 Women are raped per hour in Congo. That is why we Climb. 

Special thanks to everyone that has contributed, climbed, and hiked with us to make a difference!! You ROCK!

Thank you for being a part of our community. If you haven’t joined us yet, please join! We also have our Launch Event for Everest 2013 in San Fran May 30th! 

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A little photo tribute to those that have gone the extra mile for Climb Take Action! Thank you!

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