Everest 2013

Everest 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rest time is over....almost time to climb!

Kale and me...he's the cutest :)

Hi Everyone!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely moms out there! It’s crazy, but this wild adventure is coming to a close, but also the craziest part of it is about to begin!! I am headed back to base camp tomorrow and then will wait for the most ideal weather timeframe to start the final journey from 17,500 feet to hopefully the top of the world at 28,028 feet! We are thinking that we may try to summit somewhere between the 19th-22nd, but that is ALL WEATHER DEPENDENT :) We could leave to head up as early as the 16th, but all TBD.  I just wrote an article for the Huffington Post describing my thoughts and feelings before this final push, so I will not repeat myself, it should be published in the next 2 days and you will see it on: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/georgina-miranda/. For now all I will say is that patience, hope, and faith will be with me on each step of this final push.  I pray Everest is a bit kinder this time. 
Love is all around :) My little signs of love on Everest 
 My rest time down at 3800m has come to an end. I feel recharged having been given time to eat, sleep, laugh, breath, SHOWER, and just chill without feeling like a human popsicle :)  May I just say that Snicker’s pies are the best!!!!! YUM! It’s been a mixed bag of feelings wishing new friends luck on their final push, as some have headed off before me. I hope we can all celebrate in Kathmandu together!
Flowers and trees! YAY!

I write to you from Pheriche, where the tea house keeper has quite the techno music mix going! Portland ladies, the Kaskade beats reminded me of fun Portland summers and all of you lovelies dancing it up! I will have to schedule a Portland visit soon after I am home-miss you :)

For you San Fran peeps….I am referred to on the mountain as “hey San Fran,” quite a bit…haha. The other common call out is “Georgie.” For the LA peeps…my mountain swag has received notice at times and I owe that to you :) Altitude Seven represented!

Lots of butterflies in the tummy and excitement! My main goal over the break was to let go of the outcome and enjoy the journey. I think I am in a good place in that regard. I have made peace with myself and the mountain that whatever happens from now on was meant to be.

Most of you know why I climb, but help me spread the word! www.climbtakeaction.com. The women of Congo have inspired me up mountains and them and the work of International Medical Corps and V-DAY will be in my thoughts on this final push. 

Thank you for all of your love and support along the way and kind messages!! Seriously it means so much to me and makes me feel like you are all with me.

Woohooo let’s go climb a mountain!!! :) You will all be right there with me in my thoughts and can’t wait to send the next update with hopefully a picture of me standing of the top of our beautiful world! Say some prayers for the team :)

Below are some photos of what rest time was like. Thank you to Rivendell and Ang and Tenzing for their amazing hospitality!



Flowers! Haven't seen these in a while :)

Hello Oxygen! 

Barbara and I  chilling :) Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala Represented !  We earned our beer...lol

Kale knows how to chill :) cutest pup

Kale the pro of chilling out and teaching us how it's done!

oh hi...I'm just a cute little thing :) Baby Yak Cuteness!

Who is loving some CAKE! Barbara and I of course! Barbara hopes to be the 2nd woman in Guatemala to summit Everest :) Central American Chicas right here!

We all just love cake :) Little joys go a LONG way! Happy Climbers

A beautiful day for a blessing for our climb :)

At the monastery 

Cute pup at the monastery 

Blessings from the lama 

yup our little table

Ronnie and I and our lovely host Ang :) Love her!

Woke up to snow on our last rest day! 

grilled cheese sandwiches are my FAV! 
Waiting for Clouds to Part and Wind to Calm on Everest

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