Everest 2013

Everest 2013

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mt. Elbrus July 13-27

The quest for Mt. Elbrus is about to begin! We made it to Saint Petersburg! It is a beautiful city from what I have seen so far and very excited to explore it today. Tomorrow we head to Mineral Vody and to the valley of where our journey to Mt. Elbrus will begin.

To stay up to date with our climb, visit: http://www.alpineascents.com/cybercasts.asp
Cybercast should be up and running in a couple of days.

Our Alpine Ascents team is led by Vern Tejas, 8 time Seven Summits Summiteer. It is going to be an honor and privilege to climb along side him! We have an amazing team of 12 lined up with varying climbing experience, but all here excited to get on the mountain and get to work. We are all just praying for good weather. There are 3 of us climbing for a cause, one for fighting breast cancer, another for an orphanage in Nepal, and me of course for the women of Congo and Uganda benefiting International Medical Corps.

For all of you that have supported our campaign for women in the Congo and Uganda thus far, THANK YOU! It will make a strong impact in the life of a women or child in dire need of assistance. For those of you just learning about the Climb Take Action campaign, visit our website: http://www.climbtakeaction.com/ for more information and help us meet our goal of $50 for every meter climbed at Mt. Elbrus 5642M. Please donate, anything you are comfortable with, does not have to be $50 and all proceeds go directly to International Medical Corps.

To learn more about the crisis watch these videos:

Ben Affleck at International Medical Corps in the Congo

The Greatest Silence- Victims in the Congo

Life in IDP camp in Uganda

I will write more soon, but I would like to thank our supporters, family, and friends for all of your love and prayers. I feel very blessed and grateful to be here and have the opportunity to pursue a life long dream and help others along the way. Let's make a difference for women and children in Congo and Uganda! We have the ability to start the change and make an impact in someone's life!

Spread the word about the crisis, make a donation, join one of our events, or just get informed.

Talk to you all soon! The difference starts with you. . .empower yourself by empowering others and join us today! Visit: http://www.climbtakeaction.com/ to get involved.

We have also been fortunate to be recognized in the media: http://climbtakeaction.com/Press.html This will help us raise awareness to the crisis at hand and how everyone can help!

From Saint Petersburg'

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Alanna said...

IMC does amazing work in Congo and Uganda. You're doing a wonderful thing by fundraising for them.